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Ocean Liners

B410 Ocean Liners
These great passenger ships carried millions of people across the oceans until they were made obsolete by jet airliners. They ocean liners included such famous ships as the Great Western, Deutschland, Lusitania, Titanic, Ile de France, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Normandie, and the United States. The most dangerous route was across the North Atlantic, long regarded by mariners as the treacherous stretch of water in the world. Ships that crossed the North Atlantic had unusually sides to reduce the amount of waves that would sweep across the deck.
    Fueled by tremendous immigration to the United States, the North Atlantic was by far the most frequently traveled route. The early 20th century saw the liners competing to provide the greatest luxuries. The fastest ship received the Blue Riband, an honorary award dating back to 1838. The SS United States made its maiden voyage on July 4, 1952, and set both the eastbound and westbound speed records. That was over a half-century ago, but its speed records have never been broken.
    This poster is a history of the ocean liner from its humble beginnings through the recently produced Queen Mary 2. An outstanding original illustration of each of the 37 ships is accompanied by the name of owner line, the date launched, overall length, a brief history a flag icon representing her nation. Blue Riband winners are indicated by a special icon.

Status: Complete. Plans call for it to be published in 2015, along with the other titles in the new Maritime Heritage series.






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