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Classic Locomotives

American Automobiles
This is a very popular subject, but it is also an enormous one. We plan to publish a poster showing representative cars of each decade of the 20th century. All of these posters use the same format, permitting several different ones to be displayed together as a matched set. 33 representative cars are shown. There will be three of each year plus three others that can be used for any year.
   The goal is provide a comprehensive overview of the subject. Whenever possible, it will show cars made by all manufacturers such as the now-defunct Hudson, Packard and Studebaker. Tastes in body styles changes, and some terms are no longer used, such as roadster and coupe. There have been many milestone cars such as the first Corvette and Thunderbird. Of course, we can't leave out the famous short-lived cars like the Edsel.
   We just published American Automobiles 1930-1939 and American Automobiles 1950-1959. Each of these posters requires a great deal of research. The hardest job is deciding which ones to show as there is so much to choose from. The outstanding and highly-detailed original illustrations are time-consuming to create, but we will be working toward publishing two new posters every year. Next will be American Automobiles 1940-1949 and American Automobiles 1960-1969.

STATUS: Now in development.



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