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Classic Locomotives

B504 Classic Locomotives
Many maintain that the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s was the golden age of railroads. For all practical purposes, they were the only way to travel long-distances, as airlines were just getting started and air travel was very expensive. The railroads competed with another for traffic, especially the high-paying first class traffic. This resulted in luxurious trains. It all came to a sudden halt with the introduction of the Boeing 707 jet airliner. With its high speed, large passenger carrying capacity and high efficiency, it virtually took over the long distance passenger business by the mid 1960s. Passenger service was no longer profitable, so railroads dropped it and concentrated on moving freight.
  This poster shows 24 of the most famous locomotives.

STATUS: Research and basic layout complete. The highly-detailed original illustrations will be very time-consuming to prepare, so it is not yet known when this poster will be completed.



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