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Work in Progress - Science
   Three of these posters are in various stages of product development. Clouds is complete.
    The Protists Kingdom will join our popular Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom posters. It will be followed by the Fungus Kingdom, but we've not started working on it. These four kingdoms have been grouped together into a domain, a classification level above kingdom.
There are two other domains now recognized: the archae and bacteria. Kingdoms of Life introduces these groups and sets forth the various classification systems.
 "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." How may times have we heard that? Surprisingly, there is very little material for classroom use on the subject. Clouds will join our Beaufort Wind Force Scale poster to show a second factor that influences it. We are now working on Climate and Weather. Once it is complete, we plan to start working on Weather Forecasting.


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