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Feenixx Point of Purchase Display
    Feenixx Point of Purchase Displays provide an easy and inexpensive way to begin selling Feenixx Content-Intensive Info Posters. Made of heavy corrugated board, the display is lightweight and has a very small footprint, only 14 by 14 inches.  An internal support raises the posters by a foot, making it easy for the customer to access them. The base unit is divided into four sections to ensure that the posters remain upright.
    The base unit utilizes an attractive generic design, one that can be used with any posters. Our art department can create a header card showing only the posters that you want to carry. This card is 18 x 24 inches and can comfortably display up to 12 titles. 
   The Feenixx Point of Purchase Display holds 100 standard size posters or 64 Deluxe Laminated Posters.
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