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Life Science Posters
    Images are provided in two formats:
 Web Images. These are large 8" x 12" or 9" x 12" images with a resolution of 72 dots per inch. They have an RGB color profile and are in JPEG file format. They have not been compressed. These are large files that run from 300K to 500K.
Print Images. These are 4" x 6" images with a resolution of 300 dots per inch.  They have a CMYK color profile and are in TIF file format.  They have not been compressed.  These are large files that run from 1.2 to 2.5M.

To download image, right click on the link and select "save as"

A104 Animal Development
Print  |  Web
A111 Animal Kingdom  2
Print   |   Web
A111 Plant Kingdom 2
Print  |  Web
Geological Time Chart
A105 Milestones of Vertebrate Evolution
Print  |  Web

Ecology Poster
E102 Eras of Life / Geo Time Scale
Print  |  Web
E101 It’s Our Choice / Protect the Environment
Print   |   Web
Curiosity Cabinet Poster Human Evolution Poster
A902 - Curiosity Cabinet
Print  |  Web
A103 Human Evolution
Print  |  Web

Vertebrate Orders

A151 Mammal Orders
Print   |   Web
A152 Bird Orders
Print   |   Web
A153 Amphibians & Reptiles
Print  |  Web
A154 Fish
Print  |  Web
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