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Introduction to Gemstones Poster

Gemstones Poster

E107 Introduction to Gemstones
    This poster begins by showing the most popular gemstones, grouped together by class. It explains the important “Four C’s” of gemstones - cut, clarity, color, and caret, followed by an introduction to other important qualities such as asterism, opalescence, hardness, and pattern. The next row provides wonderful illustrations of the important gemstone cuts, accompanied by an explanation. This is followed by an introduction to cabochons.
   It then presents an assortment of jewelry. The focus is on affordable items, including some that enthusiasts can make themselves. Next comes non-jewelry use of gemstones - collectible eggs, carvings, decorative slabs, and royal crowns. Of course, we had to include a famous Faberge egg. The bottom row presents all the birthstones, in accordance with modern-day standards..
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