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History of the Earth

E110 History of the Earth
   Our Eras of Life geological time scale poster is one of our most popular titles. It focuses on the last 360 million years, the period in which complex life has lived on Earth. History of the Earth is another geological time scale, but it greatly expands the scope of the subject to present a comprehensive overview of the entire 4.6 billion years of Earth’s existence.
   Geologists divide the history of the earth into four eons. Each is represented by a strip of illustrations and captions prefaced by an introduction.
   Our planet began as a sphere of molten metal. Heavier ores sunk to the center, resulting in gravity. As Earth cooled, its crust was formed. Other topics include the creation of the moon, the appearance of various atmospheres, the formation of continents, continental drift, snowball Earth, and the development of life. The third through fifth pictures on the bottom row reflect the period covered by Eras of Life. The last picture shows the near future - the results of humans destroying the environment..
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