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B-29 & B-50 Bomb Wing Patch Poster

B-29 and B-50 Bomb Wng Patch Poster

B371 B-29 and B-50 Bomb Wing Poster
The B-29 was the newly established US Air Force's first strategic bomber. It was so greatly upgraded and modified that the new model was designated the B-50.  This patch shows the patches of the units that flew both planes. All of these planes were assigned to the Strategic Air Command.  It's first patch is shown at the top of the poster. At the bottom, there is  short history of how it got going and the famous patch that it eventually adopted.

About These Posters

   Each poster in this 3-ttile set commemorates the bombardment and reconnaissance wings that flew an individual aircraft.  They are designed as a matched set so each can be displayed individually or they can be combined for an attractive wall grouping. All follow the same format.  There is a magnificent illustration of the aircraft accompanied by a brief operational history.  The bulk of the poster is patches worn by the wings during the time it flew the aircraft.  Below each, a caption cites longest used name (same wings changed names over the years), it's primary base, the years it flew the aircraft and its flying squadrons.  Great reference source for military buffs and patch collectors. 


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