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Work in Progress - Transportation
   We now have an incredible line of aviation posters (See: Aviation). Quest for Flight shows what it took to conquor the air and Flying Machines shows the first airplanes. Historically, we moved forward one more step with the Warbirds of World War I, which is a multi-subject poster. Many customers have asked for posters on a single airplane so we're starting out with the first of 3-View Airplane Posters.
    Railroads are very popular and two years ago we published The Iron Horse, which shows the early locomotives. We're now working on the Classic Locomotives of the 20th century. Other railroad posters are planned.
    Along with Iron Horse, we published Hooves and Wheels, a comprehensive overview of horse-drawn vehicles. The internal combustion engine forced them into extinction. Now Americans drive automobiles and it is an extremely popular subject. We are planning on a poster showing those of each decade of the past century. We recently released American Automobiles 1930-1939 and American Automobiles 1950-1959. Next comes the 1920s and 1970s.
   We've also been working on a line of posters dealing with our 2,000+ old plus nautical heritage. The first four posters are complete and ready for publication.
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