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Whales Poster

Whales Poster

A234 Whales
   The Cetacea order includes whales, porpoises, and dolphins. It includes 90 species, some known only by a single specimen. The whales are the most popular, so this title focuses on them. By not including the porpoises and most of the dolphins, this poster is able to present larger images and informative facts about all whale species, such as the estimated world population. The “false whales,” such as the Killer Whale, are also included, even though they are biologically classified as dolphins.
   Although whales are mammals, this poster does not show all of the Cetacean orders; thus it is not considered part of the Mammal series. Rather, it is part of our Sea Life series.
   Two scuba divers are shown in the same scale as the whales to emphasize their great size. Can you find the other one? Hint: It’s a girl in a red bathing suit
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