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Bird Orders Poster

A152 - Birds
This is an especially important poster because it presents the new Sibley-Ahlquist bird classification system. Based on recent DNA studies, it uses cladistics to reconstruct the evolutionary family tree, making the traditional system obsolete. This new system has been widely accepted by North American ornithologists.
This is a truly beautiful poster, one that will be greatly appreciated by bird-lovers. It will certainly enhance the decor of their home or office. It uses the same graphic design as Mammals, making the two posters a matched set. It presents information that has even greatest value. It explores all the bird orders, introducing them by the common name of the species, followed by the name of the order. It explains all of the classification changes, order-by-order. Representative species are shown and identified by both common and scientific name.
This information has never before been published in such a concise and convenient form, making this poster an essential reference to anyone seriously interested in birds.
Great care went into selecting the species that are shown. The primary goal was to show representative species  from each order. Within that context, we have tried to show North American birds and other birds familiar to the reader. Selected species include the American Bald Eagle, the Canadian Goose, pet parakeet and cockatiel, robin, mallard duck, roadrunner, turkey and pigeon.  A few of the illustrations are shown below.

Vertebrate Orders Set

This is one of the posters in our Vertebrate Order Set.

Gallus Gallus Tragopan Satyra
branta_canadensis Cereopsis_novaehollandiae

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