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Introduction to Feenixx Content-Intensive Posters

    Feenixx Publishing has created an entirely new type of poster. We call it a "Content-intensive Info Poster". Each provides a comprehensive overview of the subject presented through an abundance of extraordinary images accompanied by interesting and fact-filled text.
   Our posters are designed to appeal to those "who are curious about the world in which we live". These are the many, many millions of people who watch educational TV shows and read books and magazines dealing with science, nature and technology.
   The sum of man’s knowledge is rapidly increasing, yet the demands of modern-day life leave little time for keeping up with it. Curious people want information, and they want it quickly. Feenixx content-intensive posters have been compared to condensed books. They permit the reader to quickly and easily gain a basic understanding of the subject. Many have great educational value and are cherished by teachers, students and professionals. Everyone loves them for their outstanding beauty and decorative value.

World's Most Informative Posters

Subject Selection
   Feenixx posters explore popular, interesting and cutting-edge subjects. They are specifically designed for the U.S. market.

Comprehensive Coverage
   Each title provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and includes all of its most important components.

All titles are extensively researched. Leading experts often act as consultants to help define content. They are the final authority on the accuracy of both information and images.

Outstanding Illustrations
Our artists are carefully selected on the basis of their illustration skills and their knowledge of the subject. Many have both art and science degrees. This ensures that even the smallest details are correctly rendered.

Our knowledge is rapidly expanding, so each and every poster is carefully reviewed well in advance of reprinting to make sure that everything is up-to-date. Revisions are made as necessary.

Great Decorative Value
Our posters are filled with interesting information presented through outstanding illustrations, photographs and graphic design, making them works of art in their own right.

Quality Printing
All posters are printed on very heavy, high-quality paper that is also very hard in order to preserve tiny details. All posters are then specially coated to provide a satin finish that reduces glare and enhances the presentation. These are the same high standards used to produce expensive art prints.

Standard Size
All posters are the standard 24" x 36" size. They fit easily into stock merchandisers and inexpensive, off-the-shelf frames. This is very important to the consumer, as odd-size posters require expensive custom-made frames.

Low Prices - High Profits
Feenixx sells direct to retailers, thus avoiding middleman markups. We pass the savings on to our customers with low wholesale prices. This permits low retail prices. Great posters at great prices result in high turnover. Exceptionally high markups yield outstanding profits.

We Listen to our customers
Have an idea for a poster? Share it with us. Several of our titles were developed as a result of customer requests.

Need Help?
Our friendly customer service folks are
available 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST, workdays. 
Toll Free Phone 855-FEENIXX (333-6499)
Toll Free Fax (888) 243-9440



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